The Sunbright-PCB is one of wholly-owned company belongs to "Fully Gold International Holdings Limited", more than 10 years of manufacturing rich experience, is a professional high-tech enterprise, specialize in 0-32 layers of wide range for various printed circuit boards, included FR4 PCBs, Rigid-flex. PCBs, FPC PCBs, Metal Base PCBs,  Small & Medium lot of orders.  We have 350 employees, 6,000 square meters plant area, with the manufacturing ablility of 100,000 square meters per year.

The factory mainly produces multilayer express model with high precision, small and medium-sized batch board. A multilayer proportion is as high as 70%. The factory can produce the quantity of 8000 square meters each month. The factory can produce more than 2000 varieties of boards each month.

The factory has passed ISO9001:2008.The United States UL, RoHS certification, SGS etc. Since the factory has imported a large number of advanced equipments from America, Japan, Germany, Israel,and has improved the capacity of the factory manufacturing process effectively, so our company can ensure the reliability of the products.  After the efforts of company research and development team,

Our factory has successfully developed multi-layer of 32 layers main board, High impedance board, HDI board, Mechanical tiny hole and a number of technical innovations, etc. The company has a mature technology, firstclass management team and experienced engineers. The factory use high quality raw materials to produce and introduce the ERP system for production management.

The factory has laid a solid foundation for the production of multillayer circuit board with high precision and strong quality. To produce high quality products and return on social management is our company’s tenet. To recruit excellent talents as enterprise foothold, value the high quality of products as enterprise life.

We are promise to provide the best quality and the most satisfied service for our all customers always !!!

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